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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can one key open all my locks?
    • Yes, it can be done provided all the locks are the same brand.  This is called "Keyed Alike."

  • Don't you have a master key that opens everything?
    • No! If that were the case, criminals would have them, too!

  • Can you copy keys in your van?
    • Yes! We pride ourselves on offering a full-service mobile lock shop. 

  • Do I need to "change" my locks?
    • Changing the locks means physically replacing the entire lock.  Most clients need re-keying; the lock stays and the pins inside are changed for a new key!  The old key will no longer work.

  • Do you have any advice for someone remodeling or renovating?
    • Yes! Add a locksmith to your list of professionals to consult BEFORE the project starts!

  • Am I protected if my keys are stamped "DO NOT DUPLICATE"?
    • ​Keys stamped "DO NOT DUPLICATE" offer you no security. Anyone can still copy that key.  However, PATENTED KEYS are the most secure.  They can only be purchased from a professional locksmith.  And, the key can only be copied if you are on an assigned list.

  • Do you only copy keys and let someone in when they are locked out?
    • Yes, we do both of these things, but we offer so much more! We re-key locks, install deadbolts, door closers, crash bars, and create master keys, to name just a few of our services!

  • When is the best time to re-key your locks?
    • We recommend re-keying when you purchase a new home, after you have renovations done, or even after having some in home care.


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